MYW 4.2 Feedback and Discussion

MYW 4.2 Turn the Page

Whiteboard from feedback for the short Bible study

Jn 3 Gospel to Jewish man

Comes to Jesus because of Miracles

Not about mind but Spirit


Old question: God loves the world.

Jesus on the cross/like the serpent.

Jn 4. Gospel to Samaritan Woman

Jesus is lost on the street

Jesus asks and does not tell, intrigues

She needs ‘something more’ in her life

Jesus crosses cultural barriers. Gets attention.

Avoids old religious questions.

No cross reference, just new life in the Spirit

Acts 17a Gospel to Synagogue

Look at Scriptures

Messiah had to suffer and rise

This happened to Jesus

Acts 17b Gospel to Marketplace

You are busy searching

Your culture has some clues.

Let’s focus on your lingering unknown

The Creator of all

Jesus is resurrected so proven Christ.

The group definitely saw the parallels between religious (Jewish) background and non-religious backgrounds.

So we thought

The gospel to the religious should be:

Based on scripture, it is about Holy Spirit not mind, the other way got the messiah crucified, so turn around/born again.

The gospel to the non-religious was:

Do you know what you are longing for, the creator has shown us to seek him, he sent Jesus to be the way, so open up the Spirit he gives.

It blew a few people out of the water to see that neither Jesus nor the apostles said what they would say was the gospel. I think, to be fair, even after those summaries , the group felt that we had a lot more to think about, and that it didn’t finish off our study of these passages. Part of it is that we discovered we didn’t know much about Jews, Samaritans, or Athenians! After all these years of bible studies and sermons!